“We walk without leaving any trace behind us”. This is the message that FIN-FLEX® intends to launch with its new L’ORMAbio range.
FIN-FLEX® has always been aware and respectful of the environment and its inhabitants, so it has created an eco-friendly range of footwear for the home and leisure time.

ORMAbio is the eco-friendly line of footwear for the home and leisure time, designed according to an ethic project: indoor shoes and slippers for men, women and kids, all comfortable and made of renewable raw materials, in order to suit the environment and who put them on.

Indoor shoes and slippers in top-quality, eco-friendly, biodegradable materials with a pleasant coconut scent.

WOOL 90%

The range which brings the warm and breathable features of wool, to embrace the foot in a soft cloud of comfort. All products, available in a variety of hues and prints, guarantee a thermal balance beyond compare.


Coloured, breathable and most of all “green”: the PET slippers are made of the eponymous material, derived from recycled plastic bottles. This footwear embraces a eco-friendly philosophy looking also to fashion and quality, with high performance and resistance.


Elastic, breathable, light and formfitting. Camelhair is cool in summer and warm in winter. So far used in the luxury clothing industry, this fabric has the major characteristic of mitigating overheating and sweating during daily activity.


Obtained from the bamboo, this special fabric is used both as lining and upper, thanks to its exceptional natural thermoregulating property which makes the shoe cool and dry.