FIN-FLEX® Comfort

FIN-FLEX® comfort

A sound body starts with healthy feet. This is why FIN-FLEX® has drawn on its extensive experience in the manufacture of footwear and developed the ideal features for producing its slippers, indoor shoes, sandals and flip flops, guaranteeing flexibility, lightness, cushioning and softness. Maximum comfort guaranteed by the FIN-FLEX® brand.

The shape of the slippers varies to guarantee the perfect fit for all kinds of feet.
The flexible, lightweight, non-slip sole has been carefully designed to assist the correct stride and thus prevent injury due to an incorrect posture.

Three good reasons to choose FIN-FLEX®:

  • FIN-FLEX® footwear is produced entirely in Italy with the artisan craftsmanship of true Made in Italy tradition;
  • The soft, flexible, polyurethane soles are comfortable and lightweight for fluid movement benefiting both the foot and back;
  • All FIN-FLEX® footwear is self-modelling through use, moulding itself to the shape of the foot for maximum comfort when standing or walking.