FIN-FLEX®, since 1970 we have put ourselves “in your slippers”

“When we design footwear, we always think about the person wearing it”. And so, fifty years have gone by as one thought and one person led to another, and one step followed another. What distance will FIN-FLEX® footwear have covered in over half a century of history? What emotions will they have experienced, how many feet will they have kept warm and how many secrets will they have overheard? We ask ourselves that question every day when we wake up in the morning and start work with the same passion and determination that have allowed us to quietly enter so many homes. The commitment that we bring is reflected in every detail of our products: from the design of the models to the choice of materials, from the stitching techniques to the application of the sole. All the work that goes into men’s, women’s and children’s slippers and indoor shoes is carried out following an artisan procedure that is a signature trait of our age-old manufacturing tradition and genuine Made in Italy excellence. FIN-FLEX®, we put ourselves “in your slippers” every day and choose the most comfortable solution for you.